S27E52: Cosmic Time Capsules: Unraveling the Origins of Interstellar Stardust
SpaceTime with Stuart Gary April 29, 2024x
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S27E52: Cosmic Time Capsules: Unraveling the Origins of Interstellar Stardust

Dive into the cosmos with SpaceTime Series 27 Episode 52, as we traverse the stellar seas to discover a groundbreaking revelation: stardust from a supernova, harboring secrets from a newly identified type of star. An extraordinary find in an ancient meteorite has led scientists to a hydrogen-burning supernova, a stellar phenomenon only recently recognized by astronomers. This episode sheds light on how a tiny particle, a relic from a star that perished before our solar system's birth, is providing invaluable insights into the cosmos' intricate workings.
The voyage of discovery doesn't end there. Rejoice in NASA's triumph as the venerable Voyager 1 spacecraft reestablishes contact after months of silence, sending clear data across the vast expanse from the very edge of interstellar space. The episode also celebrates the successful ascent of New Zealand's Electron rocket, which lofted NASA's innovative solar sail satellite, set to harness the gentle push of sunlight for propulsion.
Join us as we delve into these celestial tales and more, including the profound implications of presolar grains on our understanding of the universe, the dynamic environments that shape star and planet formation, and the technological marvels that continue to expand humanity's reach into the void.
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