S27E72: Dual Moons of Dinkinesh and Saturn’s Hidden Ocean
SpaceTime with Stuart Gary June 14, 2024x
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S27E72: Dual Moons of Dinkinesh and Saturn’s Hidden Ocean

Join us for SpaceTime Series 27 Episode 72, where we uncover the latest cosmic discoveries and scientific advancements.
First, astronomers have discovered that a tiny moonlet orbiting the main belt asteroid Dinkinesh is actually two little moons melded together. Known as contact binaries, these moonlets could provide fresh insights into the complex processes behind planetary formation and evolution. We delve into the details of this fascinating discovery made by NASA's Lucy spacecraft.
Next, we discuss the possibility of an underground ocean on Saturn's moon Mimas. Scientists speculate that as Mimas's orbital eccentricity decreased, its icy shell may have melted and thinned, leading to the formation of a subsurface ocean. This finding could have significant implications for our understanding of the Saturnian system.
Finally, we highlight NASA's launch of its second pre-fire satellite into orbit aboard Rocket Lab's Electron rocket. These satellites are designed to study how much heat the Arctic and Antarctic are radiating out into space and how that's influencing global climates. We explore the mission's objectives and potential impact on climate science.
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