S27E37: Betelgeuse's Boiling Secret: The Star That Spins Too Fast
SpaceTime with Stuart Gary March 26, 2024x
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S27E37: Betelgeuse's Boiling Secret: The Star That Spins Too Fast

The Space, Astronomy & Science Podcast.
SpaceTime Series 27 Episode 37
*Betelgeuse's Surprising Spin: A Red Supergiant's Secrets
Astronomers have been intrigued by the rapid rotation of the red supergiant star Betelgeuse, but new insights suggest its seemingly swift spin could be an illusion caused by its boiling surface. The star's dimming, once thought to herald an imminent supernova, turned out to be dust obscuring our view. Located in Orion, Betelgeuse's tumultuous surface, with convective bubbles the size of Earth's orbit, challenges our understanding of stellar dynamics.
*The Moon's Cratered Past: A History Written in Impacts
New research indicates the Moon endured more asteroid and comet bombardments than previously thought, potentially reshaping our knowledge of its geological history. This study reveals that early impacts may have left subtle marks, eluding detection due to a still-cooling lunar surface. As the Moon's magma ocean solidified, these ancient impacts could tell a tale of a dynamic early solar system.
*Rocket Lab's Historic NRO Mission from American Soil
Rocket Lab's Electron rocket has launched its first mission for the National Reconnaissance Office from NASA's Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia. The classified NRO-123 mission marks a new chapter for the company, expanding its launch capabilities beyond New Zealand's shores and continuing its streak of delivering payloads to orbit with precision.
*Climate Change Breaks New Records
The World Meteorological Organization reports unprecedented levels of greenhouse gases, warming temperatures, and rising seas, signaling an escalating climate crisis. Despite this, renewable energy sees a significant uptick, offering a beacon of hope amidst the environmental challenges.
*The Rise of Alternative Spirituality Among Women
An increasing number of women are exploring non-traditional spiritual practices, from witchcraft and the occult to tarot and psychic readings. This trend reflects a search for meaning and certainty in uncertain times, with the psychic industry booming as a result.
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