S27E17: Ancient Lake on Mars Confirmed - Excitement Ensues
SpaceTime with Stuart Gary February 07, 2024x
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S27E17: Ancient Lake on Mars Confirmed - Excitement Ensues

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The Space, Astronomy and Science Podcast.
SpaceTime Series 27 Episode 17
*Confirmation of an ancient lake on Mars builds excitement for Perseverance rover's samples If life ever existed on Mars, the Perseverance rover’s verification of lake sediments at the base of the Jezero crater reinforces the hope that traces of ancient organisms might be found in the crater.
*A strange new type of hypothetical celestial object that might be real One of the more fascinating celestial objects theorized but yet to be discovered is the hypothetical synestia.
*Rocket Lab starts a busy year with a successful booster recovery Rocket Lab has started the new year with a successful electron launch and booster recovery.
*The Science Report Men who improve their fitness could be reducing their risk of getting prostate cancer. The most comprehensive and complete cat genome assembly ever achieved. Claims small dog breeds are likely to have less risk of developing cancer than bigger breeds.
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