S27E79: First Stars and Galaxies, China's Lunar Sample Return, and Rocket Lab's 50th Launch
SpaceTime with Stuart Gary July 01, 2024x
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S27E79: First Stars and Galaxies, China's Lunar Sample Return, and Rocket Lab's 50th Launch

Join us for SpaceTime Series 27 Episode 79, where we uncover the latest groundbreaking developments in space exploration and astronomy.
First, astronomers have discovered ancient star clusters in a galaxy dating back to near the dawn of time. These clusters, detected using gravitational lensing and the powerful near-infrared camera aboard the Webb Space Telescope, represent the earliest evidence of how the first stars and galaxies formed. The findings, published in Nature, suggest these clusters could be the seeds for the very first globular star clusters.
Next, China has successfully completed its historic Chang'e-6 mission, returning samples from the far side of the moon. The mission, which targeted the moon's South Pole-Aitken Basin, has brought back 1,935.3 grams of lunar regolith. These samples are expected to provide new insights into the geological differences between the near and far sides of the moon.
Finally, Rocket Lab celebrates a milestone with the successful launch of its 50th Electron rocket. This mission, named "No Time to Lose," deployed five satellites for the French Internet of Things company Kineis, marking a significant achievement in the company's rapid evolution.
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