S27E81: Jupiter's Lava Lakes, Mars Rover's Ancient Riverbed, and Space Tourism Health Risks
SpaceTime with Stuart Gary July 05, 2024x
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S27E81: Jupiter's Lava Lakes, Mars Rover's Ancient Riverbed, and Space Tourism Health Risks

Join us for SpaceTime Series 27 Episode 81, where we delve into the latest discoveries and advancements in space exploration.First, new observations from NASA's Juno spacecraft reveal that Jupiter's volcanic moon Io is covered in lakes of molten lava. These findings, published in Communications Earth and Environments, provide a fuller picture of Io's extensive volcanic activity and offer new insights into the volcanic processes at work on this ancient, violent world. Io, slightly larger than Earth's moon, is the most volcanically active world in our solar system due to the gravitational forces from its neighboring Jovian moons and Jupiter itself. Juno's recent flybys have captured high-resolution infrared images showing bright rings surrounding numerous hotspots, indicating that much of Io's surface is covered in lava lakes with caldera-like features.Next, NASA's Mars Perseverance rover has crossed an ancient Martian riverbed in the Jezero Crater, reaching the Bright Angel geological site earlier than expected. This route provided a treasure trove of geological features, including rocks with diverse textures and compositions. Perseverance's exploration of this ancient river channel offers new clues about Mars' geological history and the processes that shaped its surface.Finally, we examine whether space tourism is healthy. New research published in the Journal of the Frontiers of Physiology warns that wealthy, unhealthy individuals venturing into space may face increased health risks, such as pulmonary edema, due to the effects of microgravity on the heart. The study suggests that future space tourists might need to send a digital twin of themselves into virtual space to test their bodies' responses before embarking on the real journey.
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