S27E55: Martian Mysteries: Curiosity Uncovers Clues to Ancient Earth-Like Conditions
SpaceTime with Stuart Gary May 06, 2024x
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S27E55: Martian Mysteries: Curiosity Uncovers Clues to Ancient Earth-Like Conditions

The Space, Astronomy and Science Podcast. SpaceTime Series 27 Episode 55 *New findings point to an Earth-like environment on ancient Mars A new study using data from NASA’s Mars curiosity rover suggests there was once an Earth-like environment on ancient Mars. *Could purple be the new green in search for alien life A new study suggests that life on other planets with different atmospheres and orbiting different types of stars wouldn’t display Earth like forests of green. *HyImpulse’s SR75 rocket blasts off Germany’s HyImpulse has successfully launched its SR75 sounding rocket on a test flight from Southern Launch’s Koonibba Test Range west of Ceduna on South Australia’s west coast. *The Science Report Being vegetarian is linked to a much slower progression of prostate cancer. A new way of cleaning up per-and poly-Fluro-alkyls – the so called forever chemicals. Why do people prefer their alcoholic beverages cold. Skeptics guide to when psychics say the Russian invasion of Ukraine will end. https://spacetimewithstuartgary.com https://www.bitesz.com/show/spacetime/   This week’s guests include: Lígia Fonseca Coelho from Cornell university Associate professor Lisa Kaltenegger from Cornell University Shannon Curry from the University of Colorado boulder and principal scientist for NASA’s Mars Atmosphere and Volatile EvolutioN spacecraft MAVEN   And our regular guests: Alex Zaharov-Reutt from techadvice.life Tim Mendham from Australian Skeptics Jonathan Nally from Sky and Telescope Magazine 🌏 Get Our Exclusive NordPass deal here ➼ https://www.bitesz.com/nordpass . The discount is incredible! And it’s risk-free with Nord’s 30-day money-back guarantee! ✌ Listen to SpaceTime on your favorite podcast app with our universal listen link: https://spacetimewithstuartgary.com/listen and access show links via https://linktr.ee/biteszHQ Additionally, listeners can support the podcast and gain access to bonus content by becoming a SpaceTime crew member through www.bitesz.supercast.com or through premium versions on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Details on our website at https://spacetimewithstuartgary.com
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