S27E54: Earth's Ancient Shield: Unearthing the Origins of Our Magnetic Field
SpaceTime with Stuart Gary May 03, 2024x
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S27E54: Earth's Ancient Shield: Unearthing the Origins of Our Magnetic Field

Dive into the cosmic depths with SpaceTime Series 27 Episode 54, where we journey back 3.7 billion years to uncover the oldest evidence of Earth's magnetic field. Join us as we explore pristine ancient rocks from Greenland, revealing a magnetic strength similar to today's, and potentially extending the known age of our planet's protective shield by hundreds of millions of years. This discovery could illuminate the early conditions that fostered life on Earth and the enduring power source behind our magnetic field.
The volcanic spectacle continues as we venture to Jupiter's moon Io, unveiling that it has been a hotbed of volcanic activity for its entire 4.57 billion-year existence. The sulfur and chlorine isotopes in Io's atmosphere, analyzed through the Alma radio telescope, attest to a history of relentless eruptions powered by Jupiter's immense gravitational pull.
Witness the marvels of the solar corona as we recap the scientific endeavors during the recent solar eclipse that graced North America. From sounding rockets to high-altitude jets, scientists harnessed this celestial event to probe the enigmatic corona, seeking to solve the mystery of its intense heat and its role in geomagnetic storms that affect our increasingly tech-dependent world.
And in a turn towards Earthly concerns, we discuss the unsettling findings that nearly half of China's major coastal cities are sinking, posing a threat to millions.
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