S27E53: Methane on Mars and Io's Infernos: Uncovering Cosmic Mysteries
SpaceTime with Stuart Gary May 01, 2024x
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S27E53: Methane on Mars and Io's Infernos: Uncovering Cosmic Mysteries

Embark on an interplanetary investigation with SpaceTime Series 27 Episode 53, as we delve into the perplexing presence of methane on Mars. The red planet's mysterious emissions have puzzled scientists for years, with seasonal spikes and unpredictable behavior sparking debates on their origin. Could biological activity be the source, or are geological interactions to blame? Join us as we explore a new hypothesis that suggests Mars' own soil could be sealing and sporadically releasing this elusive gas, adding another layer to the Martian enigma.
The episode ascends further into the Jovian system with an up-close encounter of the volcanic moon Io, courtesy of NASA's Juno spacecraft. Marvel at the newly discovered jagged mountain spires and tranquil lava lakes that adorn this tumultuous celestial body, revealing a landscape both violent and serene.
But it's not all smooth sailing in the cosmos. We report on the unexpected hiccup faced by NASA's planet-hunting satellite TESS, which has entered safe mode, suspending its quest for new worlds beyond our solar system. What caused this sudden shutdown, and what does it mean for the future of exoplanet discovery?
Plus, don't miss our Science Report, where we unearth a connection between a form of rheumatoid arthritis and gene mutations linked to blood cancer, and discuss the climatic shifts allowing tropical fish to venture into temperate Australian waters.
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(00:00) This is spacetime series 27, episode 53, for broadcast on 1 May 2024
(00:47) New study may help explain why scientists are continuing to detect methane on Mars
(08:55) NASA's Juno spacecraft has studied the volcanic moon IO during two flybys
(15:45) Climate change is helping tropical fish species invade temperate Australian waters
(17:24) Google AI chatbot Baird apparently hallucinated, citing a research paper that doesn't exist
(19:11) Ohio based company has invented the first ever flamethrower wielding robot dogs
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