S27E41: Earth's Puzzling Past: The Greenlandic Birth of Scandinavian Lands
SpaceTime with Stuart Gary April 03, 2024x
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S27E41: Earth's Puzzling Past: The Greenlandic Birth of Scandinavian Lands

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SpaceTime Series 27 Episode 41
*The Scandinavian Connection: Born from Greenland's Ancient Crust
In a groundbreaking geological study, scientists have traced the oldest Scandinavian bedrock back to its origins in Greenland, revealing a continental connection dating back 3.75 billion years. Published in the journal Geology, this research uncovers a hidden chapter of Earth's crust beneath Denmark and Scandinavia, suggesting a tectonic detachment from Greenland that predates previous estimates by a quarter of a billion years. The discovery, locked within zircon minerals, not only reshapes our understanding of continental drift but also underscores Earth's uniqueness in the solar system as a cradle for life.
*Blue Origin's Orbital Reef: A Leap Towards Commercial Space Habitats
Blue Origin, in collaboration with Sierra Space, has achieved a significant milestone in the development of the Orbital Reef commercial space station. Under NASA's watchful eye, the project has successfully tested key life support systems essential for sustaining human presence in orbit. With a potential operational date as early as 2027, Orbital Reef aims to provide a voluminous habitat for ten occupants, marking a new era in space exploration and research as the International Space Station approaches retirement.
*Space's Role in Climate Change Monitoring Intensifies
The World Meteorological Organization's latest report delivers a stark reality check, with 2023 witnessing unprecedented levels of greenhouse gases, rising seas, and melting ice. In response, the fleet of Copernicus Sentinel satellites operated by the European Union plays an increasingly vital role in monitoring our changing planet. These eyes in the sky offer critical data, from sea ice dynamics to deforestation, aiding policymakers in crafting strategies to combat the escalating climate crisis.
*Dragon's Bounty: A Resupply Mission Brimming with Scientific Promise
SpaceX's CRS-30 mission, aboard the upgraded Dragon spacecraft, has successfully docked with the International Space Station, delivering over 2.7 tonnes of vital supplies and novel experiments. This cache of scientific endeavors includes a joint CSIRO-Boeing 3D mapping project, the Burst Cube satellite for studying cosmic gamma-ray bursts, and the GEARS initiative for identifying antibiotic-resistant microbes in space. With over 250 experiments in progress, the orbiting laboratory continues to be a beacon of discovery and innovation.
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