S26E110: OSIRIS-Rex Returns & China's Lunar Ambitions
SpaceTime with Stuart Gary September 13, 2023x
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S26E110: OSIRIS-Rex Returns & China's Lunar Ambitions

**SpaceTime with Stuart Gary S26E110 - Show Notes** **1. OSIRIS-Rex's Earthbound Journey** - NASA has successfully conducted a test run, gearing up for the anticipated return of the OSIRIS-Rex sample return capsule. - The capsule is set to make its re-entry into Earth's atmosphere and gracefully parachute down over the Utah desert on September 24. **2. Unveiling Distant Worlds** - Astronomers have unveiled a significant discovery, identifying two of the most extended period exoplanets known to date. **3. China's Leap to the Moon** - China has shared an initial glimpse into their ambitious lunar program. - They have unveiled preliminary designs of their first-ever manned lunar lander, aiming to send taikonauts to the Moon's surface by the year 2030. **4. The Science Report Highlights** - **Rising Temperatures & Health:** Recent studies indicate that increased temperatures could lead to a higher number of heart attacks, especially for those on prevalent heart medications. - **Human Impact on Wildlife:** It's estimated that humans either use or trade about one-third of all animal species. This human activity poses a significant threat, endangering approximately 39% of these species. - **Ozone Layer's Recovery:** There's a silver lining on the environmental front. The Earth's ozone layer is showing promising signs and is projected to fully recover in the next four decades. **5. Alex on Tech Corner** - Tech enthusiasts have a reason to rejoice! New Pixel phones are on the horizon, with exciting features expected. Stay tuned for more updates and in-depth discussions on these topics in the episode!

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