S26E06: Big Blast on the Volcanic Moon IO
SpaceTime with Stuart Gary January 13, 2023x
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S26E06: Big Blast on the Volcanic Moon IO

*Big blast on the volcanic moon IO Astronomers has detected a massive eruption on the on the volcanic Jovian moon IO. *How the Sun’s activity influences deep space cosmic rays Astronomers have discovered how changes in the Sun’s eleven year solar cycle effect the high energy cosmic rays reaching the inner solar system. *Europe’s newest advanced weather satellite launched into space The European Space Agency has launched its first Meteosat Third Generation Imager satellite MTG-I1 – into geostationary orbit. *The Science Report New study shows the last ice age developed later and faster than previously thought. Scientists warning that Antarctic wildlife facing multiple threats to existence. Australians not very good at guessing their blood-alcohol content after a night out. Skeptics guide to so called core memories.
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