S27E80: Asteroids' Close Calls, Mars Colonization Plans, and Space Workouts on Earth
SpaceTime with Stuart Gary July 03, 2024x
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S27E80: Asteroids' Close Calls, Mars Colonization Plans, and Space Workouts on Earth

Join us for SpaceTime Series 27 Episode 80, where we uncover the latest cosmic events and advancements in space exploration.
First, the European Space Agency reports a rare occurrence of two large asteroids swooping past Earth within 42 hours. One of these, 2024 MK, was only discovered two weeks before its close encounter, highlighting the need for improved detection of potentially hazardous near-Earth objects (NEOs). We delve into the details of these celestial visitors and their implications for planetary defense.
Next, we explore the challenges and solutions for sustaining human life on Mars. Scientists at Utah State University are working on a NASA-funded project to develop self-sustainability strategies for future Mars missions. Discover how researchers are optimizing food production and plant-based therapeutics to support long-term habitation on the Red Planet.
Finally, we look at how astronauts maintain fitness in microgravity and how similar workouts can be practiced on Earth. Researchers have found innovative ways to recreate Earth-like forces using centrifugal force, providing insights into maintaining physical health during space missions.
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