Why Galaxies Hang Out with their Own Kind | S26E144
SpaceTime with Stuart Gary December 01, 202300:27:13

Why Galaxies Hang Out with their Own Kind | S26E144

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SpaceTime Series 26 Episode 144
*Explaining why galaxies hang out with their own kind
A new study may have solved one of the most perplexing mysteries in astronomy -- why galaxies in our neighbourhood hang out with their own kind.
*NASA’s Cold Atom Lab Sets Stage for Quantum Chemistry in Space
For the first time in space, scientists have produced a quantum gas containing two types of atoms.
*North Korea launches a new spy satellite North Korea claims its successfully launched a new spy satellite.
*The Science Report
Dust storms are increasing dramatically in frequency in Australia.
Study claims the impact of screens on children and show a mix of small risks and benefits. Footprints discovered in Victoria show the amazing diversity of Australia's early bird population. Skeptics guide to the House Oversight Committee on UFOs
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