Triple Star Discoveries | S26E143
SpaceTime with Stuart Gary November 29, 202300:34:01

Triple Star Discoveries | S26E143

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SpaceTime Series 26 Episode 143
*Triple star discoveries will mean changing astronomy textbooks
Astronomers have found some of the biggest stars in the universe orbiting each other in triple star systems.
*NASA tests its new deep space laser communications system
NASA's just completed an experiment that will transform the way spacecraft communicate in deep space.
*Dragon arrives at Space Station
A SpaceX Dragon cargo ship carrying 2950 kilograms of supplies has successfully docked with the International Space Station’s Harmony module.
*The Science Report Critically endangered dolphins off Melbourne found with the highest concentrations of chemicals People with high body mass index are 10% more likely to develop obesity-related cancers. Google's artificial intelligence proving better and faster at making 10-day weather predictions
Alex on Tech the Sam Altman saga

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