Have they found Planet-X? | S26E109 | Space News Pod
SpaceTime with Stuart Gary September 13, 202300:34:26

Have they found Planet-X? | S26E109 | Space News Pod

SpaceTime Series 26 Episode 109
*Have they finally found planet X?
Astronomers in Japan have found possible evidence of an Earth-like planet orbiting in the Kuiper Belt.
*XRISM space telescope launches into orbit.
A powerful new Xray telescope has just blasted into orbit. The X-ray Imaging
and Spectroscopy Mission -- XRISM - was launched aboard an H-IIA rocket from the Tanegashima Space Center in southern Japan.
*Discovery of a local Baryonic Acoustic Oscillation
Astronomers have discovered an immense bubble 820 million light years from
Earth that's believed to be a fossil-like remnant of the birth of the
*The Science Report
Australia on course for increasingly hot and dry conditions.
Black death made the human immune system what it is today.
Study warns whales ingest up to 10 million pieces of microplastics every day.
Skeptics guide to growing corruption in the World Health Organisation
This week’s guests:
NASA XRISM Mission Astrophysicist Francois Mernier
NASA XRISM Mission Astrophysicist Takashi Okajima

And our regular guests:
Tim Mendham from Australian Skeptics
Alex Zaharov-Reutt from www.techadvice.life

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