Unveiling Martian Secrets, Shielding Europa Clipper, and India's Astronaut Ambitions | S26E131
SpaceTime with Stuart Gary November 01, 2023x
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Unveiling Martian Secrets, Shielding Europa Clipper, and India's Astronaut Ambitions | S26E131

The Space News Podcast. SpaceTime Series 26 Episode 131 *Mystery of the Martian core solved A new study of data from NASA’s Mars Insight lander mission has concluded that the Martian liquid metallic core is both smaller and denser than previously thought -- but also that it’s surrounded by a layer of molten rock. *Protecting Europa Clipper from Jupiter’s immense radiation Engineers have just completed the final piece of armour designed to protect NASA’s Europa clipper spacecraft from intense radiation during its mission to explore the Jovian ice moon Europa. *India launches its first crew capsule India has carried out a successful test flight of its new manned capsule which will the subcontinent’s first astronauts into orbit in 2025. *The Science Report A new study warns that future increases in ice-shelf melting in the West Antarctic are now potentially unavoidable. Claims vegetarianism may be partly related to your genes. Eastern Mediterranean was once a region of green savannahs and grasslands that provided an ideal passage for multiple early human movements out of Africa. Alex on Tech new AI chips and happy 22nd birthday to the I-pod. If you love this podcast, please get someone else to listen to. Thank you… To become a SpaceTime supporter and unlock commercial free editions of the show, gain early access and bonus content, please visit https://bitesz.supercast.com/ . Premium version now available via Spotify and Apple Podcasts. For more podcasts visit our HQ at https://bitesz.com Your support is needed... **Support SpaceTime with Stuart Gary: Be Part of Our Cosmic Journey!** SpaceTime is fueled by passion, not big corporations or grants. We're on a mission to become 100% listener-supported, allowing us to focus solely on bringing you riveting space stories without the interruption of ads. 🌌 **Here's where you shine:** Help us soar to our goal of 1,000 subscribers! Whether it's just $1 or more, every contribution propels us closer to a universe of ad-free content. **Elevate Your Experience:** By joining our cosmic family at the $5 tier, you'll unlock: - Over 350 commercial-free, triple episode editions. - Exclusive extended interviews. - Early access to new episodes every Monday. Dive in with a month's free trial on Supercast and discover the universe of rewards waiting for you! 🌠 🚀 [Join the Journey with SpaceTime](https://bitesznetwork.supercast.tech/) 🌟 [Learn More About Us](https://spacetimewithstuartgary.com) Together, let's explore the cosmos without limits!

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