Simulating Black Hole Jets // NASA's Storm Chaser Satellites // Virgin Galactic's Space Flights Resumed
SpaceTime with Stuart Gary May 19, 2023x
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Simulating Black Hole Jets // NASA's Storm Chaser Satellites // Virgin Galactic's Space Flights Resumed

S26E60: In this episode of SpaceTime with Stuart Gary, we explore the fascinating world of astrophysics and space exploration.
Astronomers have used powerful supercomputer simulations to accurately recreate the mesmerizing jets emanating from supermassive black holes. Additionally, Rocket Lab successfully launched NASA's new storm-chasing satellites, while Virgin Galactic announces the resumption of flights to the edge of space.
Segment 1: Recreating Black Hole Jets Using Supercomputer Simulations Astrophysicists have harnessed the power of supercomputer simulations to replicate the awe-inspiring jets that emanate from supermassive black holes. By accurately recreating these cosmic phenomena, scientists gain valuable insights into the mechanics and behavior of black hole jets.
Segment 2: Rocket Lab Launches NASA's Storm Chaser Satellites Rocket Lab has achieved another successful launch, this time deploying a pair of NASA's cutting-edge storm-chasing satellites. These advanced satellites will help scientists better understand and predict severe weather phenomena, enhancing our ability to forecast and mitigate the impact of storms.
Segment 3: Virgin Galactic Resumes Flights to the Edge of Space Exciting news from Virgin Galactic as they announce the imminent resumption of space flights to the edge of space. Following a brief hiatus, Virgin Galactic is set to recommence commercial operations, allowing aspiring astronauts the opportunity to experience the wonders of space.
The Science Report:
  1. Australia's Black Summer Fires and the Recent Triple La Niña Scientists speculate that Australia's devastating Black Summer fires may have played a role in triggering the subsequent triple La Niña weather events. This connection highlights the complex interplay between climate, extreme weather phenomena, and natural disasters.
  2. Citizen Science Project Monitors Australia's Bogong Moth A new citizen science project aims to monitor Australia's bogong moth population. By enlisting the public's help, researchers can collect valuable data and better understand the behavior and conservation needs of this crucial insect species.
  3. Smell-o-Vision for TV and Movies Becomes a Reality Advancements in technology bring us closer to experiencing smell-o-vision in our entertainment. The integration of scents into television and movie experiences holds the potential to further immerse audiences and enhance storytelling.
  4. Debunking Dead Animal Psychics: The Skeptics' Guide A skeptical examination of dead animal psychics, highlighting the lack of scientific evidence and the importance of critical thinking in assessing extraordinary claims. Tune in to SpaceTime with Stuart Gary for all the latest news and discoveries in the realm of space and astrophysics.
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