S27E15: Mars's Methane Mystery: Atmospheric Pressure Clues?
SpaceTime with Stuart Gary February 02, 2024x
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S27E15: Mars's Methane Mystery: Atmospheric Pressure Clues?

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SpaceTime Series 27 Episode 15 *Could atmospheric pressure changes be driving Martian methane pulses New research shows that atmospheric pressure fluctuations that pull gases up from underground could be responsible for releasing subsurface methane into the Martian atmosphere. *Can red dwarf stars host planets with life after all? A team of scientists are proposing that rocky, Earth-like planets orbiting some of our nearest neighbouring stars could host life. *The Axiom Mission 3 to the International Space Station SpaceX has launched another private manned mission to the International Space Station for Axiom Space. *The Science Report People with strong obsessive-compulsive disorder traits have an 82% higher risk of death Claims the Meg was slimmer than thought. North Korea claims it’s just tested an underwater nuclear weapon system. Skeptics guide to the coffee survey
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