S27E11: Mars could have had flowing water for hundreds of millions of years
SpaceTime with Stuart Gary January 24, 2024x
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S27E11: Mars could have had flowing water for hundreds of millions of years

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The Space News Podcast.
SpaceTime Series 27 Episode 11
*Claims Mars could have had flowing water for hundreds of millions of years A new study based on impact crater erosion rates suggests water may have flowed across the Martian surface for hundreds of millions of years.
*New Webb telescope data shows early galaxies looked like pool noodles, surfboards New images from NASA’s Webb space Telescope show that early galaxies at the dawn of time are often flat and elongated, like surfboards and pool noodles.
*NASA’s new mission to capture star stuff Scientists are working on a new instrument to capture stardust from interstellar space. The instrument called the Interstellar Dust Experiment or IDEX will be a key component of NASA’s new Interstellar Mapping and Acceleration Probe –IMAP which will launch in just over a year from now.
*The Science Report
The World Meteorological Organization confirms 2023 was the hottest year globally since records began.
Researchers have taken a critical first step to creating a successful HIV vaccine.
Palaeontologists find a new species of tyrannosaur that’s the closest relative of Tyrannosaurus rex.
Alex on Tech Samsung’s new Galaxy S24 smart phones

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