S26E54: Ultralight Axions // Integral Spacecraft fixes // Rocket Lab's HASTE // May Skywatch
SpaceTime with Stuart Gary May 05, 2023x
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S26E54: Ultralight Axions // Integral Spacecraft fixes // Rocket Lab's HASTE // May Skywatch

*A new study proposes that ultralight particles called Axions, which act in waves, could solve the mystery of dark matter.
*The European Space Agency's Integral Spacecraft is now safe thanks to a series of fixes by mission managers.
*Rocket Lab has created a modified version of its Electron orbital launch vehicle called the HASTE for suborbital hypersonic test flights.
*In the May edition of Skywatch, we explore the Scorpius constellation, the M6 and M7 open star clusters, and the Eta-Aquarids meteor shower produced by Halley's Comet.
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