Dark Matter Secrets Revealed with Lopsided Galaxies: S27E18
SpaceTime with Stuart Gary February 09, 2024x
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Dark Matter Secrets Revealed with Lopsided Galaxies: S27E18

The Space, Astronomy & Science Podcast.
SpaceTime Series 27 Episode 18
*Revealing Dark Matter through Lopsided Galaxies
A groundbreaking study unveils how asymmetric galaxies could be the key to unlocking the mysteries of dark matter, the elusive substance that dominates the universe's matter content and binds galaxies together.
*Virgin Galactic's 2024 Space Tourism Triumph
Virgin Galactic soars into the new year with a successful space tourism flight, reaching the fringes of space and marking a milestone for commercial space travel.
*Reflecting on the SunRISE-3 Mission
We revisit the ambitious SunRISE-3 mission, which despite its untimely end, aimed to launch the largest telescope ever on a balloon to peer into the sun's mysterious chromosphere.
*Skywatch – Orion's Splendor and Betelgeuse's Fate
The February night skies offer a spectacle with the constellation Orion taking center stage, the Horsehead Nebula in view, and the red supergiant Betelgeuse nearing its explosive end as a supernova.
Join us as we explore these cosmic tales and more on SpaceTime with Stuart Gary.
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