Venusian Lightning, Arrokoth's Secrets, and Surviving Aussie Zombies: S26E123
SpaceTime with Stuart Gary October 13, 2023x
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Venusian Lightning, Arrokoth's Secrets, and Surviving Aussie Zombies: S26E123

**SpaceTime with Stuart Gary Series 26 Episode 123 Show Notes** --- **1. Lightning Mysteries on Venus** - A recent study has cast doubt on the long-held belief regarding lightning on Venus. - The thick acidic cloud cover of Venus, previously thought to generate significant lightning, is now under scrutiny. --- **2. Arrokoth's Mysterious Mounds** - The distant Kuiper Belt world of Arrokoth is home to intriguing mound structures. - Scientists speculate that these mounds might be the primordial building blocks for planetesimal formation. --- **3. Lockheed Martin & NASA's Nuclear-Powered Rocket** - NASA, in collaboration with the US military, has chosen Lockheed Martin as a partner. - The goal is to develop a nuclear-powered rocket designed for missions to Mars and even deeper space explorations. --- **4. The Science Report** - **COVID-19 Misinformation:** A correlation has been found between those who believe in COVID-19 misinformation and a propensity to believe in conspiracy theories. - **Smoking and Vaping:** Research indicates that individuals who smoke and vape are at an increased risk of experiencing eye-related issues. - **Citrus Fruit Origins Unveiled:** Scientists have made significant progress in tracing back the origins of citrus fruits. - **Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide:** A light-hearted skeptic's guide to determining the best Australian city to take refuge in during a hypothetical zombie apocalypse. --- *Stay tuned for more exciting discoveries and insights on the next episode of SpaceTime with Stuart Gary!*

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