The Ongoing Search for Dark Matter

The Ongoing Search for Dark Matter

Stuart GaryStuart GaryHost
Tim MendhamTim MendhamGuest
Alex Zaharov-ReuttAlex Zaharov-ReuttGuest
The Astronomy, Technology, and Space Science News Podcast.
SpaceTime Series 25 Episode 89
*The ongoing search for Dark Matter
Scientists have placed new limits on where the mysterious invisible substance known as dark matter could be hiding.
*Another win for Modified Newtonian dynamics over dark matter
Astronomers have unexpectedly found strong evidence supporting Modified Newtonian dynamics or MOND rather than dark matter to best explain the observations of the gravitational tidal effects in the Fornax Cluster on a population of dwarf galaxies.
*NASA's Mars Curiosity rover marks ten years on the red planet
NASA’s car sized Mars Curiosity Rover has celebrated its first decade exploring the red planet.
*Another Blue Origin flight reaching the edge of space
Blue Origin’s New Shepard has undertaken its sixth space tourism flight to the edge of space.
*More dangerous Chinese space junk
Beijing has come in for more criticism following the de-orbit of yet another out of control spacecraft.
*Beijing tests a reusable spacecraft
China’s growing concern about the success of America’s X-37b space shuttle program has seen Beijing launch its own reusable experimental spacecraft.
*New Russian spy satellite spies on other satellites
Russia have just launched a new spy satellite designed to spy on other satellites.
*Salt could be key to life on water worlds
A new theoretical study suggests oceans on water-rich worlds could be enriched with electrolytes, including salts such as sodium chloride which is an important factor in the search for life.
*The Science Report
New evidence triggers fresh calls for an independent investigation into the origins of COVID.
A new study warns that the Arctic is warming faster than previously thought.
Finally, some good news for coral growth on the Great Barrier Reef.
Environmental damage from the 2010 BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill disaster still detectable.
The closest thing so far to a fountain of youth.
Alex on Tech new Samsung galaxy Z flip and fold 4 released
Skeptic's guide Forget the Gaia Sausage now there's a Spanish one

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