The Largest Comet Ever Seen
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The Largest Comet Ever Seen

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SpaceTime Series 25 Episode 46
*The largest comet ever seen
NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has discovered the largest comet ever seen – a 130 kilometre wide monster – fifty times bigger than most known comets.
*Detection of the most distant galactic laser
Astronomers have discovered a massive laser called a ‘megamaser’ generated by the collision of two galaxies.
*China launches it 182nd spy satellite since 2016
China has launched what it euphemistically likes to call a new Earth Observation satellite as Beijing continues to undertake what it describes as preparations for war.
*The Science Report
Study confirms vaccinated people who get Omicron get milder symptoms than those with Delta.
New study claims using goats milk soaps could put you at risk of developing allergies.
Discovery of patterns of electrical activity in fungi that could resemble human speech.
Skeptic's guide to Prince Charles’ love affair with alt med.
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