Strange New Readings From Voyager 1 In Interstellar Space
SpaceTime with Stuart Gary June 03, 202200:53:2873.47 MB

Strange New Readings From Voyager 1 In Interstellar Space

Stuart GaryStuart GaryHost
SpaceTime Series 25 Episode 60
*Strange new readings from Voyager 1 in interstellar space
While the Voyager 1 spacecraft continues to return science data and otherwise operate as normal, the mission team is searching for the source of a system data issue.
*Artemis 1 to return to the launch pad.
NASA are looking at rolling the Artemis 1 SLS-Space Launch System Moon rocket and Orion spacecraft out of the Vehicle Assembly Building and back to launch pad 39B at the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida later this month for another attempt at a wet dress rehearsal.
*New satellite manufacturing hubs to be built in Sydney and Canberra
Plans have been announced for two new satellite manufacturing facilities in Sydney and Canberra.
*June Skywatch
Procyon – the brightest star in Canis Minor, the bloated aging red giant Arcturus, the red super giant Antares, and the June solstice are among the highlights of the night skies on June Skywatch….

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