S27E75: Mars' Solar Storm Spectacle and Galactic Disk Discoveries
SpaceTime with Stuart Gary June 21, 2024x
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S27E75: Mars' Solar Storm Spectacle and Galactic Disk Discoveries

Join us for SpaceTime Series 27 Episode 75, where we explore the latest cosmic events and scientific advancements shaping our understanding of the universe.
First, we delve into how Mars lit up during last month's spectacular solar storm. These solar events provided astronomers with unprecedented data, revealing the impact of solar flares and coronal mass ejections on the Red Planet. We discuss the implications for future human missions to Mars and the potential radiation exposure astronauts might face.
Next, unexpected differences have been discovered in the thickness of the Milky Way galaxy's disk. New observations reveal that the inner part of the disk is only half as thick as the outer part, challenging our understanding of the galaxy's structure and evolution.
Finally, scientists have developed a new atlas dealing with space health, covering the broad-ranging molecular changes and DNA damage experienced during spaceflight. This research is crucial for preparing for long-term lunar and Martian missions.
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