S27E23: Tectonic Tremors: Unraveling the Secrets of Earth's Pacific Plate
SpaceTime with Stuart Gary February 21, 2024x
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S27E23: Tectonic Tremors: Unraveling the Secrets of Earth's Pacific Plate

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SpaceTime Series 27 Episode 23
*Pacific Plate's Undersea Faults: Earth's Crust Pulling Apart
A groundbreaking study reveals the Pacific Plate's vast undersea faults, stretching for hundreds of kilometers and pulling it apart. This new insight into the plate tectonics model challenges the idea of rigid oceanic plates, with implications for our understanding of Earth's geological processes.
*Odysseus Lander's Lunar Odyssey: Private Moon Landing on the Horizon
The Nova-C Odysseus lander, carrying NASA's experimental payloads, launches aboard a Falcon 9 rocket, marking a pivotal moment in private lunar exploration. With a south pole destination, this mission could pave the way for a new era of sustained human presence on the Moon.
*PACE Satellite: Earth's Microscopic Guardians from Space
NASA's PACE satellite successfully reaches orbit to begin its mission of monitoring the Earth's oceans and atmosphere. Equipped with advanced hyperspectral instruments, PACE will study the intricate dance of plankton, aerosols, and clouds, shedding light on our planet's delicate environmental balance.
*Russian-American Cooperation: Progress in Space Amidst Terrestrial Tensions
A Russian Progress cargo ship docks with the International Space Station, defying geopolitical strife to deliver essential supplies. This act of cosmic collaboration highlights the enduring partnership in space exploration, even as Earth-bound relations face challenges.
Join us on SpaceTime with Stuart Gary as we explore these fascinating developments in our celestial neighborhood and beyond. Dive into the depths of the Pacific, witness the journey to the lunar south pole, and gaze upon the Earth through the eyes of cutting-edge satellites.
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