S26E105: Massive Brown Dwarf Discovered // Innospace // September SkyWatch
SpaceTime with Stuart Gary September 01, 2023x
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S26E105: Massive Brown Dwarf Discovered // Innospace // September SkyWatch

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The Space News Podcast. SpaceTime Series 26 Episode 105 *Massive brown dwarf discovered Astronomers have discovered a massive new brown dwarf some 80 times the mass of Jupiter. *Innospace set to launch into orbit from the Northern Territory South Korean rocket launch company Innospace is set to become the first long-term tenant based at Equatorial Launch Australia’s spaceport in the Northern Territory. *Australia Moves Forward with Tomahawk Missile Procurement The Australian Defence force has agreed to purchase hundreds on long range Tomahawk cruise missiles from Raytheon as part of a 1.7-billion-dollar program. *September SkyWatch The September Equinox the constellations Capricorn and Aquarius and the Aurigids and Epsilon Perseids meteor showers dominate the night skies of September on SkyWatch. This week’s guest: Sophia Roberts from NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center And our regular guests: Tim Mendham from Australian Skeptics Alex Zaharov-Reutt from www.techadvice.life Listen to SpaceTime via our website at www.spacetimewithstuartgary.com or on your favorite podcast app with our universal listen link: https://spacetimewithstuartgary.com/listen and access show links via https://linktr.ee/biteszHQ For more Space News podcasts visit our HQ at https://bitesz.com Your support is needed... **Support SpaceTime with Stuart Gary: Be Part of Our Cosmic Journey!** SpaceTime is fueled by passion, not big corporations or grants. We're on a mission to become 100% listener-supported, allowing us to focus solely on bringing you riveting space stories without the interruption of ads. 🌌 **Here's where you shine:** Help us soar to our goal of 1,000 subscribers! Whether it's just $1 or more, every contribution propels us closer to a universe of ad-free content. **Elevate Your Experience:** By joining our cosmic family at the $5 tier, you'll unlock: - Over 350 commercial-free, triple episode editions. - Exclusive extended interviews. - Early access to new episodes every Monday. Dive in with a month's free trial on Supercast and discover the universe of rewards waiting for you! 🌠 🚀 [Join the Journey with SpaceTime](https://bitesznetwork.supercast.tech/) 🌟 [Learn More About Us](https://spacetimewithstuartgary.com) Together, let's explore the cosmos without limits!

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