Perseverance Celebrates First Year on Mars

Perseverance Celebrates First Year on Mars

Stuart GaryStuart GaryHost
SpaceTime Series 25 Episode 27
*Perseverance celebrates its first year on Mars
NASA's Mars Perseverance rover has celebrated its first year on the surface of the red planet.
*How lightning actually starts
A new study has confirmed the hypothesis that lightning is triggered inside thunderstorm clouds by streams of electrons through the condensation of atmospheric water vapor molecules.
*Discovery of the largest radio galaxy ever seen
Astronomers have discovered the largest radio galaxy ever seen – a massive stellar city at least 16 million light years across.
*The Science Report
COVID-19 infections may significantly increase your risk of heart disease.
Making useful chemicals out of atmospheric carbon dioxide.
A new species of spinosaurid dinosaur found in Portugal.
A new study shows that dogs grieve the loss of a friend.
Skeptic's guide to religious miracles and the laws of science.

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