No Plate Tectonics on Venus

No Plate Tectonics on Venus

Stuart Gary
Stuart Gary

The Astronomy, Technology and Space Science News Podcast.

SpaceTime Series 24 Episode 69

*No plate tectonics on Venus

A new study claims Venus hasn’t had plate tectonics for at least 300 million and possibly more than a billion years.

*First X-rays from Uranus

Astronomers have detected X-rays from Uranus for the first time.

*Searching for the signatures of life on other worlds

Astronomers already know that that any search for life beyond Earth involves a search for water – because where there's liquid water there could be life. But water isn’t the only signature for life.

*SpaceX gets Sirius with the launch of a new digital radio satellite

SpaceX has successfully launched a new telecommunications satellite for SiriusXM in a spectacular night time launch.

*The Science Report

Arctic sea ice thinning faster than previously expected

Common arthritis drug effecting immune response to the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine.

Cholesterol levels linked to prostate cancer.

COVID-19 lockdowns reduce urban crime rates.

Skeptic's guide to psychic Googling.


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