New Solar Cycle Could Be One of the Strongest On Record
December 25, 2020
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New Solar Cycle Could Be One of the Strongest On Record

The Astronomy, Technology and Space Science News Podcast.

SpaceTime with Stuart Gary  Series 23 Episode 139

*New solar cycle could be one of the strongest on record

In direct contradiction to the official forecast, a team of scientists led by the National Center for Atmospheric Research are predicting that the new solar cycle 25 could be one of the strongest since record-keeping began.

*Solar eclipse plunges southern Chile and Argentina into darkness

Thousands across southern Chile and Argentina turned their heads to the sky to witness one of the wonders of the cosmos – a total solar eclipse which plunged the land into darkness for around two minutes last week.

*Space X launches Falcon 9 for the seventh time

SpaceX has successfully launched a new Sirius XM telecommunications satellite into orbit.

*Buying a telescope for Christmas

If you’re looking for a Christmas present that can be educational, thoughtful, even life-changing – you’ve probably already thought about a telescope – but dismissed it because the top of the line telescopes can be expensive. But as Jonathan Nally, the editor of Australian Sky and Telescope Magazine explains affordable quality telescopes are around – and there are lots to choose from.

*The Science Report

Lack of vitamin D linked to higher rates of Autism in boys.

The giant iceberg A-68A could collide into South Georgia in the next few days.

Some 31% of the world's oak tree species are threatened with extinction.

How well do dogs really understand what you tell them?

Skeptic's guide to the dangers of chiropractic treatments.


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