Neutron Star Found in Famous Supernova

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SpaceTime with Stuart Gary Series 24 Episode 26

*Neutron star found in famous supernova

Astronomers believe they may have confirmed the existence of a neutron star produced by supernova 1987A

*The mystery of the Martian moons

A new study claims the two Martian moons Phobos and Demos were created through a titanic collision in orbit around the red planet over a billion years ago.

*China launches three more spy satellites

China has launched another three of what Beijing euphemistically calls remote sensing satellites.

*China’s private rocket sector continues to test new vehicles

China’s private space business is continuing to expand with a successful suborbital launch of a prototype sounding rocket.

*The Science Report

New modular protein biosensors that can rapidly detect COVID-19 virus proteins and antibodies.

A giant iceberg larger than a small county breaks off from Antarctica’s Brunt Ice Shelf.

The maiden flight of Australia’s new Loyal Wingman autonomous unmanned aircraft.

The humble bee causes more hospitalisations than spiders and snakes.

Alex on Tech looks at the new M1 processor and rumours of a foldable iPhone

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