NASA Sending Two More Choppers to Mars
SpaceTime with Stuart Gary August 05, 202200:36:4250.44 MB

NASA Sending Two More Choppers to Mars

Stuart GaryStuart GaryHost
SpaceTime Series 25 Episode 87
*NASA to send two more choppers to Mars for sample return mission.
NASA says its Mars Ingenuity helicopter has been so successful, two more will be built and sent to the red planet to help with the planned sample return mission.
*Top Secret Space Shuttle sets a record
The clandestine X-37B space shuttle has shattered its own orbital mission duration record of 780 days in space.
*China expands its space station
China has launched the second module of its new Tiangong space station.
*August Skywatch
We look at the giant star Antares, Barnard’s star is the second nearest star system to the Sun, and the annual Perseids meteor shower.

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