NASA Postpones Future Artemis 1 Launch Attempts
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NASA Postpones Future Artemis 1 Launch Attempts

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SpaceTime Series 25 Episode 92
*NASA postpones future Artemis 1 launch attempts following another scrub
NASA has decided to postpone any future launch attempts for the Artemis 1 mission this month after they were forced to again scrub the flight because of a persistent hydrogen propellant leak.
*James Webb’s first image of a distant world
NASA’s new James Webb Space Telescope has taken its first ever direct image of a planet beyond our solar system.
*China’s reusable space planes take to the air and beyond
China has completed a test flight of what Beijing describes as a reusable suborbital spaceplane.
*Galaxy 15 lost
Intelsat has lost control of one of its satellites after it was apparently disabled by space weather.
*The Science Report
Major sea level rise can now not be stopped.
The largest dinosaur ever found in Europe uncovered in Portugal.
Australia might be one of the planet’s best places to hang out if a thermonuclear war breaks out.
Skeptic's guide to Australian religions
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