Most Distant Galaxy Ever Seen
January 04, 2021
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Most Distant Galaxy Ever Seen

The Astronomy, Technology and Space Science News Podcast.

SpaceTime with Stuart Gary Series 24 Episode 1

*Most distant galaxy ever seen

Astronomers have set a new record for observing the most distant galaxy ever seen.

*Origin of Moon’s magnetic crust

A new study has supported the idea that the Moon’s remnant crustal magnetism was caused by an ancient molten iron lunar core generating a geomagnetic dynamo similar to that which still operates on Earth.

*Rocket Lab successfully recovers booster following launch

Rocket Lab has launched a payload of 30 satellites into orbit capping off the mission by recovering its Electron first stage booster following the launch – the first step to reusable rockets.

*Russia lifts UK telecom satellites into orbit

Russia has successfully launched a payload of 36 One Web broadband internet telecommunications satellites into orbit.

*The Science Report

Australia begins production of at least 50 million doses of the Oxford University AstraZeneca vaccine.

The first COVID-19 vaccinations begin for 450 million Europeans.

A more virulent strain of the coronavirus continues to spread around the world.

A new method of drawing carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and converting it into a fuel.

Paleontologists identify a new species of ancient crocodile in south-eastern Queensland.

The new cell phone screen that repairs itself.

Skeptic's guide to the dangers of gay conversion therapy.

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