Martian Meteorite Upsets Planet Formation Theory

Martian Meteorite Upsets Planet Formation Theory

Stuart GaryStuart GaryHost
Jonathan NallyJonathan NallyGuest
SpaceTime 20220708 Series 25 Episode 75
*Martian meteorite upsets planet formation theory
A new study of an old Martian meteorite is contradicting current ideas of planetary formation.
*Another six space tourist kiss the edge of space aboard New Shepard
Blue Origin has undertaken its fifth manned space tourism flight.
*First Ariane 5 launch for 2022
The European Space Agency has undertaken its first Ariane 5 flight of the year placing two telecommunications satellites into geostationary orbit.
*SpaceX rounds off a busy launch schedule with more than a dozen flights
It’s been busy times for SpaceX and its Falcon 9 workhorse with more than a dozen launches taking place on what seems like a futuristic space age production line with one launch after another.
*July Skywatch
Planet Earth reaches its furthest orbital distance from the Sun, the spectacular Southern Cross constellation, and the ticking time bomb known as Antares…

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