Magellanic Clouds' Secret & Eris's Squishy Core | S27E02
SpaceTime with Stuart Gary January 02, 2024x
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Magellanic Clouds' Secret & Eris's Squishy Core | S27E02

**Host:** Stuart Gary
**Special Guest:** Technology Editor Alex Zaharov-Reutt
### Episode Highlights:
1. **The Dual Nature of the Small Magellanic Cloud**: New research suggests that what was previously thought to be a single galaxy, the Small Magellanic Cloud, is actually two distinct galaxies. This groundbreaking discovery, based on studies of stellar motion and the interstellar medium, challenges previous astronomical beliefs.
2. **The Dwarf Planet Eris's Unexpected Composition**: A recent study has indicated that Eris, a distant dwarf planet, might possess a more 'squishy' internal structure than previously assumed. This insight opens new avenues in understanding the formation and composition of such celestial bodies.
3. **NASA's PACE Satellite Launch Update**: The launch date for NASA's new PACE satellite is now scheduled for February 6th. This mission is expected to provide significant insights into oceanic ecosystems and atmospheric phenomena.

### In-Depth Analysis: -
**Exploring the Magellanic Clouds**: The episode delves into the history and importance of the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds. These satellite dwarf galaxies, named after the explorer Ferdinand Magellan, have played a crucial role in navigation and astronomical studies. -
**The Study of the Small Magellanic Cloud**: Utilizing data from the European Space Agency's Gaia spacecraft and the Australian Square Kilometer Array Pathfinder radio telescope, astronomers have uncovered surprising differences in chemical composition and star velocities within the Small Magellanic Cloud. -
**Eris and Its Moon Dysnomia**: Discussions include the intriguing relationship between Eris and its moon Dysnomia, focusing on their tidal interactions and implications for understanding planetary structures.
### Other Topics Covered: - NASA's PACE satellite mission details and objectives. - The historical significance of the Magellanic Clouds in astronomy and navigation. - The role of the Magellanic Clouds in current astronomical research.

### Final Thoughts: The episode concludes with a reflection on the continuous advancements in space exploration and astronomical research, emphasizing the importance of such discoveries in broadening our understanding of the universe.

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