James Webb Reveals its Spectacular First Images
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James Webb Reveals its Spectacular First Images

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SpaceTime with Stuart Gary Series 25 Episode 79
*James Webb reveals its spectacular first images
The first images from the new James Webb Space Telescope have stunned the world with their spectacular beauty and clarity.
*Russia officially kicked off the ExoMars mission over Ukraine
The European Space Agency has officially terminated cooperation with the Russian Federal Space Agency Roscosmos on the joint EXO-Mars mission with to put a rover on the surface of the red planet to drill for signs of life.
*A successful maiden flight of Europe’s new Vega C rocket
Europe’s new Vega C launch vehicle has undertaken a successful maiden flight delivering a scientific satellite and six Cubesats into orbit.
*A blast rocks SpaceX’s star base complex in Texas.
A SpaceX Starship super heavy Booster has suffered a spectacular launch pad explosion at the SpaceX star base Facility in Boca Chica Texas.
*SpaceX set new launch records for its Falcon 9 rocket.
SpaceX has set a new record flying the same Falcon 9 booster for the 13th time.
*The Science Report
Increased risks of heart diseases and diabetes after getting COVID-19.
Yet another warning to cut down on your salt intake.
Paleontologists find a new species of giant meat eating theropod dinosaur in Argentina.
Skeptic's guide to how psychics communicate
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