Ganymede Discovery // New Space Deal // New Russian Space Station // November Skywatch | S26E135 Air
SpaceTime with Stuart Gary November 10, 2023x
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Ganymede Discovery // New Space Deal // New Russian Space Station // November Skywatch | S26E135 Air

The Space News Podcast. SpaceTime Series 26 Episode 135 *Mineral salts and organic compounds discovered on Ganymede NASA’s Juno spacecraft has discovered mineral salts and organic compounds bubbling to the surface of Jupiter’s largest moon Ganymede. *New space deal reached between Australia and the United States The United States and Australia have signed a bilateral technology Safeguards agreement providing the legal framework for American commercial space vehicles to launch from Australian soil. *New Russian space station to fly in four years Russian President Vladimir Putin says the first segment of the Kremlin’s new space station should now be in orbit by 2027. *November Skywatch The constellation of the winged horse Pegasus, the giant galaxy M31-Andromeda barrelling towards us, and three meteor showers in one month are among the highlights of the November night skies on SkyWatch… Listen to SpaceTime on your favorite podcast app with our universal listen link: and access show links via Additionally, listeners can support the podcast and gain access to bonus content by becoming a SpaceTime crew member through or through premium versions on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Details on our website at For more SpaceTime and show links: If you love this podcast, please get someone else to listen to. Thank you… For more podcasts visit our HQ at Your support is needed... **Support SpaceTime with Stuart Gary: Be Part of Our Cosmic Journey!** SpaceTime is fueled by passion, not big corporations or grants. We're on a mission to become 100% listener-supported, allowing us to focus solely on bringing you riveting space stories without the interruption of ads. 🌌 **Here's where you shine:** Help us soar to our goal of 1,000 subscribers! Whether it's just $1 or more, every contribution propels us closer to a universe of ad-free content. **Elevate Your Experience:** By joining our cosmic family at the $5 tier, you'll unlock: - Over 350 commercial-free, triple episode editions. - Exclusive extended interviews. - Early access to new episodes every Monday. Dive in with a month's free trial on Supercast and discover the universe of rewards waiting for you! 🌠 🚀 [Join the Journey with SpaceTime]( 🌟 [Learn More About Us]( Together, let's explore the cosmos without limits!

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