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SpaceTime with Stuart Gary Series 24 Episode 37

*Earth’s first supercontinent

A new study suggests Pangea was simply the latest of approximately three supercontinents that formed on the Earth’s surface and that they all formed with in the last two billion years.

*NASA Ingenuity Mars Helicopter Prepares for First Flight

Mars 2020 mission managers say their Ingenuity helicopter should be ready for its maiden flight within the next few days.

*Virgin Galactic unveils its first SpaceShip III

Virgin Galactic has rolled out its newest spacecraft – the first so called Spaceship III variant – officially named VSS Imagine.

*US Strategic commands cryptic tweet

Often described as the dunny door of social media Twitter looked like things were getting a lot more serious the other day when the official twitter account of the United States Strategic Command -- which runs the country's powerful nuclear weapons force suddenly tweeted what looked like a cryptic code.

*The Science Report

Scientists have discovered a new type of immune system T Cells.

Record high temperatures in the Russian Arctic.

A new way to dramatically increase the power storage capacity of Lithium-ion batteries.

The remains of an extinct species of Tree-Climbing Kangaroo discovered on the Nullarbor Plain.

Skeptic's guide to QAnon

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