Discovery of a New Type of Neutrino from the Sun
July 08, 2020
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Discovery of a New Type of Neutrino from the Sun

The astronomy, technology and space science news podcast.

SpaceTime with Stuart Gary Series 23 Episode 69

*Discovery of a new type of neutrino from the Sun

Scientists have discovered a new type of neutrino being produced by the Sun.


*Why Betelgeuse suddenly dimmed so dramatically

A new study suggests massive starspots could have caused the recent mysterious and unprecedented dimming of the red supergiant star Betelgeuse.


*How the European Space Agency’s dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic

With most nations in lockdown – the European Space Agency has been forced to implement work from home operations to keep its missions flying.


*Massive explosion at an Iranian nuclear research facility and missile factory caused by cyberattack.


*The Science Report

A new swine flu with pandemic potential has been identified in China.

The south pole is warming at a rate three times higher than the global average.

The giant wombat-like marsupial that roamed prehistoric Australia 25 million years ago.

A massive explosion at an Iranian nuclear research facility caused by a cyberattack.

People more likely to misinterpret unrelated events if they already believe in pseudoscience.


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