Discovery Of A Missing Link In The Origins Of Supermassive Black Holes
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Discovery Of A Missing Link In The Origins Of Supermassive Black Holes

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SpaceTime Series 25 Episode 47
*Discovery of a missing link in the origins of supermassive black holes
Astronomers have identified a rapidly growing black hole in the early universe that appears to be a crucial "missing link" between young star-forming galaxies and the first supermassive black holes.
*The Martian meteorite Black Beauty gets a CT scan
NASA officials and the US Army have combined forces to undertake new research on a famous Martian Meteorite known as Black Beauty.
*James Webb reaches major milestone
NASA’s new James Webb Space Telescope has finally reached its Mid-Infrared Instrument’s planned operating temperature.
*The Science Report
How the Victorian government’s COVID lockdown’s affected mental health.
Claims people who suffer a loss of their sense of smell have a higher overall risk of death.
Scientists successfully developed a human-like sense of touch for robots.
Alex on Tech: Elon Musk push for a balanced Twitter.
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