Data Suggests Magnetars Have Solid Surfaces
SpaceTime with Stuart Gary November 16, 2022x
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Data Suggests Magnetars Have Solid Surfaces

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SpaceTime Series 25 Episode 123
*Data suggests Magnetars have solid surfaces
A signature in the X-ray light emitted by a highly magnetised neutron star known as a magnetar suggests the star has a solid surface with no atmosphere.
*SpaceX could try launching its new starship rocket to orbit next month
There’s growing speculation that SpaceX could try an orbital test flight of its new Starship superheavy colonial transport rocket next month.
*Rocket Lab fails its mid-air rocket retrieval after launching new Swedish science satellite
Rocket Lab has failed in its latest mid-air retrieval attempt to catch an electron rocket by helicopter for reuse.
*Ozone hole continues to shrink
A bit of good news now with the latest data from NASA showing that the annual Antarctic ozone hole continuing to shrink.
*The Science Report
Scientists develop a neuroprosthesis which really can read your mind.
Australia's death rate fell almost 6% during the 2020-2021 pandemic period
Study shows using phones, tablets and other electronic media is associated with shorter sleep by kids.
Alex on Tech: new changes coming to Apple
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