Breakthrough in Measuring the Strong Nuclear Force
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Breakthrough in Measuring the Strong Nuclear Force

The Astronomy, Technology and Space Science News Podcast.
SpaceTime with Stuart Gary Series 24 Episode 2
*Breakthrough in measuring the strong nuclear force
Scientists have made the first high precision measurements of the forces acting between protons and exotic subatomic particles called hyperons which contain strange quarks.
*Mystery surrounds a dark storm on Neptune
Astronomers are trying to understand the mysterious behaviour of a dark storm on Neptune which suddenly changed direction and may even have spawned a second storm in the process.
*China's new Long March-8 rocket makes first flight
China has launched its new reusable Long March-8 rocket on a maiden test flight.
*ESA highlights of 2020
2020 has been a challenging year for the European Space Agency.
*The Science Report
No more arguments – new study confirms that COVID-19 is far more severe than the flu.
Compounds found in cooked meat linked to a heightened risk of childhood wheeze.
The Arctic appears to be experiencing a record-breaking numbers of lightning strikes.
A new study has found that 4-Month-Old Ravens are just as smart as chimpanzees and orangutans.
Alex on Tech: study finds 46 per cent of Australian kids under 13 now have their own cell phone.

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