A Gigantic Jet From the Early Universe

A Gigantic Jet From the Early Universe

The Astronomy, Technology and Space Science News Podcast

SpaceTime with Stuart Gary Series 24 Episode 33

*A gigantic jet from the early universe

Astronomers have discovered one of the biggest quasars ever seen in the early universe.

*The planet with two atmospheres

Astronomers have found a planet orbiting a distant star that appears to have lost its atmosphere – only to have gained a new one through volcanic activity.

*New Chinese rocket launches top secret satellite

It was a case of second time lucky for China’s new Long March 7A rocket successfully carrying classified satellite in to orbit.

*Photographing the space station

Jonathan Nally editor of Australian Sky and Telescope Magazine explains how to image the International Space Station.

*The Science Report

Scientists may have found a switch associated with the spreading of prostate cancers.

Study shows people with college educations live longer.

The next big thing in electronic communications could be your favourite jacket.

North Korea using cyber-attacks to steal more than $316 million dollars in cryptocurrencies

Skeptic's guide to ghost busters vs the exorcist.


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