Unveiling Space Secrets with Stuart Gary on SpaceTime S26E82

Hello, SpaceTime devotees!

Welcome to another cosmic journey as we unravel the mysteries of the universe in the latest episode (Series 26, Episode 82) of our beloved podcast, SpaceTime with Stuart Gary.

Prepare to be intrigued as we reveal the existence of a planet that challenges our understanding of celestial physics. This planet, dubbed 8 Ursae Minoris b, orbits a red giant star that should have consumed it - a truly enigmatic existence.

Turn your gaze closer to home as we delve into the Sun's latest activity. It has recently emitted an X 1 class solar flare - one of the most powerful categories of solar flares known to mankind.

In a significant development down under, the Albanese government in Australia has opted to terminate a billion-dollar satellite Earth resources program, raising questions about the country's future space exploration initiatives.


Adding to the intrigue, we highlight the second-last flight of the massive United Launch Alliance Delta IV heavy from Cape Canaveral, Florida. Its mission? To launch a top-secret spy satellite into orbit.


Lastly, don't miss our Science Report segment where we discuss an array of hot science topics. The World Meteorological Organization's formal declaration of an El Niño event, Earth’s record-setting average temperature, and the potential carcinogenic risk of a common artificial sweetener are all on the table. Plus, we explore the impact of science on the fascinating field of UFOlogy.

Join us as we traverse through the cosmos, exploring the wonders and mysteries that the universe presents us. Tune in now to embark on this thrilling astronomical adventure.

Stay curious, stay informed, and as always, keep looking up!

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